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 “Old Orhei” will be the first cultural monument to represent Moldova in the World Heritage List

Old Orhei could become a UNESCO World Heritage in 2 years, said General Director of UNESCO, Matsuura Koishiro, in a press conference in Moldova. Matsuura made the declaration after visiting a few localities in Moldova which represent a rich potential for tourism.
According to the officials from UNESCO, although Moldova is a member of UNICEF, she has mentioned in the list of World Heritage no trace of civilization. "We proposed the government in Chisinau to produce a presentation folder location" Old Orhei", following a special mission of UNESCO to come in Moldova in September-October to finalize the inventory," said Matsuura. At the same time, he noted that although "Old Orhei" is a very important archaeological trace, it does not guarantee immediate success for his inclusion in World Heritage, Matsuura specified.

In this context, experts of the Ministry of Culture of the UNESCO Bureau from Moldova develop a project.
The project coordinator, Gheoghe Postica, asserts that there is a good chance that „Orheiul Vechi” becomes a monument protected by UNESCO. We will know if „Orheiul Vechi” was accepted or not only after two years, when UNESCO commissions will visit the complex. After that, they will give a final assessment of the situation”, Postica asserts.
In case it is included in the list of world cultural patrimony protected by UNESCO, „Orheiul Vechi” will become the first cultural monument to represent Moldova in the world.

pensions in Trebujeni Orheiul Vechi

Vila Roz Trebujeni Orhei